Saturday, March 30, 2013

What To Do When You Are Bored With Blogging?

Blogging isn’t that much easy as it appears. A blogger, one day or other, actually start getting bored from it usually when he gets nothing for his hard work and precious content. Usually people leave blogging because they think that it is actually boring. Frankly speaking, I too have experienced these things a lot in blogging! In this post, I would tell you some quick tips to make your self refresh from blogging stress and continue with your usual blogging task.

Why Do We Get Bored?

  • It’s a Job – Familiarity breeds contempt, or in our case, a lackluster form of writer’s block. Blogging is a job and like any job we’re prone to become disgusted, bored and jaded with it, no matter how excited we are about the subject matter.
  • It’s a Conversation with…Yourself – When you write about the same topic every day, not only will you run out of things to say, but you’ll stop wanting to say things. The more you talk about a certain topic, the less interesting it becomes to you.
  • It’s Repetitive – Because of SEO, best practices and other regulatory powers of the blogosphere and the internet, we’re usually limited to presenting that information in a handful of appropriate ways that don’t change much on a day to day basis. Maybe the next time Google rolls out a Panda or Penguin update we can arrange our bullet points differently, but I wouldn’t count on it. 

Things To Do When You Are Bored From Blogging:

1: Listen Music

Music is the best way to ease yourself and reduce stress. Music has a magic that you get immediately refreshed from 2 or 3 songs. So, it is better to get a mic and attach it with your computer. Listen music as you blog but don’t listen when you are writing posts as it may disturb your thoughts.

2: Go Out And Have Fun

Basically, when you are fed up with blogging, you are fed up with your PC. So, go out of your house and take a round or two. Buy and eat something and freshen your mind and let new ideas come in your mind. This would really help you to get back to business.

3: Sleep

Sleeping is the best way to forget your tension and stress. Get a tight sleep of around 4-5 hours in day and then start your blogging again. I can bet that you would feel much much happy to blog after sleeping. This trick is really worth and I must say that you should also try this one.

4: Chatting

Get on to facebook and look for your friends or professionals and start chating! Chating might ease your stress and also help you to give new ideas for your posts on your site. Sometimes you can ask normal people what they want as a visitor. This is a good practice.

5: Dream

When you are bored, dream of your upcoming bright site future. Fans and fans everywhere and a billion visits a day. These good thoughts would fill you with enthusiasm and you would realize that you can do anything you want. This is called self-motivation.

6: Play Games

Download some cool games and install them. Just time pass by playing games on your PC, PSP, XBox, iPad, or any other tech stuff. I am sure games would open your mind and your stress would be reduced by 100%. This is also a good method to follow.

7: Watch Movies

Get to the cinema and watch some movies. This would help you to reduce your stress. This may also help you to get some new thoughts and cool ideas about your posts. Do tell us which movie you are going to watch or will watch!! :P

8: Learn

When you don’t want to blog, then you can learn! This is the best time to take online tutorials on sites like YouTube, W3Schools, etc. to learn stuff like javascript, HTML, CSS, and much more languages. This would help you in future a lot! Trust me!

9: Optimize SEO

If you are fed with blogging, then you can do some tasks for it too! You can optimize Off SEO for your site. This would help your blog to get good rankings even if you are not doing anything inside it! Off Page SEO includes commenting,
guest posting (fed up!!), learning seo tricks, submitting sitemaps, etc.

10: View Similar Niche Sites

In the meantime, you can visit your neighboring sites and check whats hot there. This would also help you to find some new ideas for your website and would also help you to reduce your stress a lot!

So, what are you waiting for? Try the above tricks and tell us how does it feel after that. And don’t forget it to share with your friends. If you have some more, then feel free to submit them!



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